*** Update *** The Gathering – Lower Road style

Great turnout today – A big thank you to all those who could attend – The plan to scan photos went out the window as we were inundated with information but maybe we can plan another meet up some time in the Summer!

Hi All, someone mentioned to me that it would be good to organise a night for folks of The Lower Road to meet up, collect some stories or pictures and have a general good night out!

We are asking that people attending bring some stories or old pictures with them. It’s a great opportunity to meet old neighbours and residents of The Lower Glanmire Road and to share some stories.

We are looking at a Saturday afternoon of 12th January 2013 from 3pm onwards at the Scout Hut on Summerhill.

Please spread the word and give us a ‘LIKE’ on Facebook and we’ll see who’s interested!

Check out this link for a song about The Lower Road by Hank Wedel

Any enquiries to info@thelowerroad.net

Directory of Cork 1867


Cork City Street Directory

(Henry & Coghlan’s)


1 McCarthy, John, spirit dealer
2 Moynihan, James, ship carpenter
3 Power, John
5 Dispensary, Dr. Armsstrong, Medical Officer
9/10 Horgan, John, grocer
10 Constabulary Barrack, Constable T. Maher, Officer in charge
18 McKenzie, Thomas, shipwright
19 Villenoweth, John, foreman smith
20 vacant
21 Entrance to Robinson & Co.’s yard
22 Bailey, John, ship carpenter
23 Stafford, M., Mrs., lodging house
24 Carr, A., Mrs
25 Allman, John, mechanic
26 Smith, M., Mrs.
27 Cuthbert, E., Mrs.
28 Lynch, MA., Mrs., lodging house
29 Leary, Daniel, coachman
30 O Brien, John, sub-constable
Here is Water Street
31 Twomey, John, gentleman
32 vacant
Strand Crescent
34 Lonergan, R., clerk
35 vacant
36 Clarke, RJF., clerk
37 Hobbs, Wm., solicitor
38 vacant
39 Carr, Amelia, Mrs.
44 Bond, Harmer E., clerk
Here is Carroll’s quay
Lynch’s cottages, 22
45 Welstead, Henry, toll collector
46 Fleming, Hugh, foreman engineer
47 O Keeffe, Denis, mechanic
48 Sunderland, Nathaniel, bootmaker
49 Connell, Michael, blacksmith
50 Jones, Richard, seaman
51 Walsh, William, spirit dealer
Here is Hargreaves quay
52 Ford, John, railway constable
53 O Connor, Patrick
54 Flynn, John, railway porter
55 Fitzpatrick, Mary A., Mrs.
56 Kyle, John
57 Kingston, Elizabeth, Mrs.
58 Fennessy, Thomas, superintendant GS&W railway
59 Glover, Eliza, Mrs.
60 Coonan, Thomas
61 Carroll, John, railway superintendant
66 O Sullivan, Mary, Miss
67 Walsh, Francis, drapers assistant
68 Curtayne, Mary A., Miss
69 Collins, Thomas, clerk
70 Brennan, James, clerk
72 White, James E., do
73 Busteed, Mary Miss
74 Sullivan, TJ., professor of music
75 Slorach, David, shipping agent
76 Purcell, Mary, Mrs.
St. Patricks RC Church

Woburn Place

77 Higginson, C., drapers assistant
78 Smith, T., coal merchant
79 O Callaghan, Daniel, gentleman
80 Glover, Eliza, Mrs
81 Dixon, Mary, Mrs.
82 Moran, Margaret, Mrs
83 Bass, C & C0., grocers and drapers
84 vacant
85 ?Setford?, Eliza, Mrs.
86 Wagner, Edward, brushmaker
87 Maguire, Mary, Mrs, grocer
88 Griffith, CM., Mrs
90 vacant
91 Phipps, James, pawnbroker
93 Harrington, Catherine, Mrs.
94 Wagner, Wm., boot maker
95 Grimaldi, John, ship smith
96 Donovan, Cornelius, letter carrier
97 Denny, Thomas, photographer
98 Burke, Michael, victualler
99 Lynch, Thomas, grocer
Here is Grattan’s Hill
100 Feltham, E., grocer & spirit dealer
101 Horgan, Samuel, spirit dealer
102 vacant
104 Heffernan, John, grocer, Post office receiving house & money order office
105 Moore, Julia, Mrs., grocer
106 Mannix, Edward
107 O Keeffe, William, painter
108 D’Arcy, John
109 vacant
110 Cork Co-operative Society
111 Mahony, Martin, tailor
112 Harman, Michael, spirit dealer
113 vacant
114 McSwiney, Terence, grocer
115 Farren, Abraham, gentleman
116 Gill, John, drapers assistant
117 O Leary, Julia, Miss, grocer, &c
119 vacant
118 Murray, Mary, Mrs.
120 Heaps, George, spirit dealer
121 O Connell, H., Miss, spirit dealer
122 Harrington, Daniel, grocer
123 Bryan, Bessie, Mrs.
124 Daly, Nicholas, victualler
125 Borrow, Thomas
126 Jones, Samuel, grocer
129 Raynes, Henry, Captain
130 Morgan, Joseph, drapers assistant
132 Callaghan, Timothy, grocer
133 vacant
134 Harman, JH., chemist
135 vacant
136 O Sullivan, Jeremiah, spirit dealer
137 to 142 small houses
144 Johnston, Ellen, Mrs., spirit dealer

Rockgrove Terrace

145 Sterne, W., Lieutenant, RN
146 vacant
147 Evanson, Emily, Mrs.
148 vacant
149 Mahony, D., butter merchant
150 vacant
151 vacant

Rockgrove Square

153 to 161 small houses
162 Buckley, James, spirit dealer
163 to 166small houses
167/168Hayes, Patrick
169 McCarthy, H., grocer & spirit dealer


1. Hartford, George, surgeon
2. vacant
3. vacant
4. O Connor, Mrs.
5. Deacon, AJ., insurance agent
Lynch, Rt. H., coml. traveller
6. Hollinshead, T., telegraph inspector
7. Harris, Mrs
8. Busteed, Jane, Miss
9. Burns, George, drapers assistant
10. Wallis, Dorothea, Mrs.
11. Kift, M., Miss
12. Brockhart, ____
13. Herbert, Mary, Mrs.
14. Thompson, WH., drapers assist.
15. vacant
16. Coleman, Ellen, Miss
17. Finn, James E., gentleman
18. Grace, Miss
19. vacant
20. vacant
21. vacant
Cooper, Anderson, Belle vue cottage
Harding, James, butter merchant, Myrtle hill house
Callaghan, Mary, Miss, Carrighouse

Belle Vue Terrace

1. Morris, George, surgeon
2. Broadley, E., Colonel
3. Bradley, Samuel, draper
Woodhill Terrace
1. Townsend, HH., land agent
2. Townsend, JCC., Captain
3. Gray, Jane, Mrs.
4. Sandiford, DL., gentleman
5. Bolster, JA., Rev.
6. Townsend, WH, attorney


1 Wrench, CE
2 Paterson, Richard
4 Smith, Thomas
Bernard, Nicholas, Magenta Cottage


5 vacant
6 Jones, Robert, hatter
7 vacant
8 Malcome, H., Mrs.
9 Allen, Clara, Mrs.
10 vacant
11 O Connor, Daniel
12 Penny, Arthur


1 Leslie, John, foreman sail maker
2 Power, John
3 Simmons, Henry
4 Hartland, William
5 Anderson, _____
6 Buckley, Daniel
7 Freaks, Miss
8 McNamara, J., engineer
Maginnis, George, Wellington house

Kent Station New plans

Kent train station plans new entrance building

Iarnród Éireann have lodged major plans for a new entrance building and parking on the southern side of Kent Railway Station. It will mean traffic using the station will be able to enter and leave from Horgan’s Quay rather than the current entrance on the Lower Glanmire Road.The company has lodged a planning application with the city council for a new 310-square-metre entrance building complete with ticket vending machines, seating and public address system.

It will include an underground link that will connect up to the southern end of the existing pedestrian underpass at the station. The plans also include a new two-way road that will link Railway Street/Alfred Street to Horgan’s Quay to serve the new entrance building.

It would involve the partial demolition of the of the protected perimeter stone wall to form a new junction on Horgan’s Quay. The road would include new street lighting, footpaths, bus shelters and cycle parking. It is also planned to build a new 140-space pay and display car park and a set down area in front of the new building.

There have been long terms plans from both Irish Rail and the city council to improve the pedestrian and transport links between Kent Station and the city centre. The 205 bus service to University College Cork, the Cork University Hospital and CIT also connects with Kent Station along with the Airport shuttle bus.