Memories of Tivoli

Memories of Tivoli

O lovely lane of my boyhood dreams,

Enriched by woods and running streams,

The things I did in those days gone by,

Will remain in my heart till the day I die.

Though my life has changed since my days in the lane,

The lessons it taught me will always remain,

Those grand old folk that lived down there,

I’ll cherish their names with loving care.

The Fields, the Joyces to name but a few,

Are part of me now in the things I do,

As the bough is bent so shall it grow,

And from that old lane I learned that is so.

For it taught me to keep my feet on the ground,

And remember to keep my thoughts always sound.

But when I lie and the night is still,

My heart and mind they travel at will,

To the times gone by when I played as a boy,

In that little lane so filled with joy.
Michael O’Leary